“The artist’s box doesn’t have to be small or exclusive.” Maha Maamoun on her multidisciplinary art practice and the importance of making art accessible to a wider audience

Episode 37 June 03, 2021 00:50:15
The Lighthouse Conversations
“The artist’s box doesn’t have to be small or exclusive.” Maha Maamoun on her multidisciplinary art practice and the importance of making art accessible to a wider audience

Show Notes

In today’s episode, host Hashem Montasser, a collector of Middle East art, catches up with multi-disciplinary and award-winning Egyptian artist Maha Maamoun. Maha expands on how her series “Domestic Tourism” and “Cairoscapes” came about and shares the fascinating stories behind the composited photographs. Hashem and Maha discuss the importance of displaying art to a broader audience within public spaces which has led to The Lighthouse’s acquisition of some of Maha’s artworks which are currently on display at our new Mall of Emirates outlet. Maha elaborates on her process as a multi-disciplinary artist, and how the exclusivity of certain art spaces and her desire for access to a wider public led to the creation of the publishing initiative Kayfa-Ta with her contemporary, Ala Younis.

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