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Hashem Montasser, Founder of the The Lighthouse Restaurant & Concept Store in Dubai Design District, is a raconteur who avidly follows the work of arts, culture, technology and, of course, food. In a series of conversations aimed at introducing its audience to the Middle East’s entrepreneurial landscape, Hashem asks his guests about their life journeys, inspirations, successes and failures and everything in-between. New episodes available every second Wednesday.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. “Life is beautiful” has become a personal philosophy for me.’ Fatafeat founder Youssef El Deeb on his creative journey across media platforms, and the Arabic saying that became his life’s calling.

    This week’s episode was quite a unique experience for us at the recording studio that we hope all you listeners will enjoy! Our guest, Youssef El Deeb, is the founder of Fatafeat, the first Arab TV company that was acquired by a global media conglomerate, Discovery. In a time when ...


  2. "We don't have pills for eating disorders." Eating Disorder expert Carine El Khazen on signs for the early detection of mental health issues, and how to cope with the collective trauma of the pandemic.

    This week Hashem caught up with Dr. Carine El Khazen, clinical psychologist at the American Center in Dubai, and Vice President of MEEDA (Middle East Eating Disorders Association). Eating disorders are the deadliest form of mental illness, and 95% of sufferers are women between the ages of 15 to 25. Dr. Carine ...


  3. “You’re not investing in my husband, you’re investing in me” Bulkwhiz Founder, Amira Rashad, on navigating the entrepreneurial landscape as a woman.

    Hashem is joined by fellow hybrid Egyptian/Arab/American, Amira Rashad, founder of Dubai’s first bulk online shopping portal, [Bulkwhiz]( As the founder of a retail startup that implements AI and bespoke customer service, Amira shares her philosophy behind Bulkwhiz, why even affluent customers like a good deal, and how COVID-19 set ...


  4. Hashem Montasser on lessons he learned from his first year of podcasting and why content is always king

    Our podcast is celebrating its first milestone: 20 episodes! And we’d like to give our listeners around the world a HUGE shoutout: Thank you for tuning in. While it’s been almost one year since we aired our first episode, it feels like yesterday. And we’ve learned a lot along the ...


  5. Zeina El-Dana on the changing face of PR and why female mentorship matters

    _Our hearts go out to those affected by the explosions in Beirut on August 4, 2020 which left hundreds dead, thousands injured and billions of dollars of property estimated as damaged. If you’re able to contribute, our guest this week recommends donating to_ [Impact Lebanon]( Hashem is joined this ...