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Hashem Montasser, Founder of the The Lighthouse Restaurant & Concept Store in Dubai Design District, is a raconteur who avidly follows the work of arts, culture, technology and, of course, food. In a series of conversations aimed at introducing its audience to the Middle East’s entrepreneurial landscape, Hashem asks his guests about their life journeys, inspirations, successes and failures and everything in-between. New episodes available every second Wednesday.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Richard Windsor on the implications of breaking up Big Tech, why Apple and Google are surprisingly similar, and what the Tik Tok fuss is all about.

    This week Hashem is joined by Richard Windsor, founder of [Radio Free Mobile]( which focuses on research & analysis across the digital & mobile ecosystem. Richard shares his thoughts on the current technology landscape—the handful of companies that dominate the sector (known as Big Tech or FAANG) and the prevailing ...


  2. Debra Kletter on creating magical “food experiences” for her clients and why flavors have memory

    As the world of theatre was affected by the recession a decade ago, Debra Kletter founded Eat Quest NYC, a service that creates bespoke food itineraries for her clients. So successful was she at doing so that Alec Baldwin called her ‘the restaurant whisperer’. On this episode recorded earlier in ...


  3. Raja Al Mazrouei on Dubai’s fintech initiative and why she’s betting on a digital banking future

    This week we're talking Fintech with Raja Al Mazrouei, Vice President of the DIFC FinTech Hive, an accelerator program under the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) umbrella. Raja talks to Hashem about how Dubai—through its financial hub, the DIFC—is creating an ecosystem for fintech startups who are challenging the traditional ways ...


  4. Nelio Leone on how Italian grannies are the ultimate weapons of mass surveillance & why privacy concerns should be on everyone’s mind

    This week, Hashem Montasser is in conversation with Nelio Leone, Founder of Urban Monks, a growth marketing agency he started in early 2019. Before going down the entrepreneurial route, Nelio was a marketing manager at L'Oreal in Paris, Director of Brand at Careem and Head of Growth at Washmen. Nelio ...


  5. Tarik Al-Zaharna on finding his voice in the region’s architectural landscape and why friction is sometimes necessary when creating new design concepts

    The Lighthouse was conceived as a design-centric brand from the outset and its founders never took its design aesthetic—whether interior, graphic or digital design—for granted. So when joined this week by Tarik Al-Zaharna, Founder of [T.ZED Architects](, we asked him to take us through his journey into entrepreneurship when he ...